WE at FLOW Inflatables are passioned paddlers. We believed that the best products on the market should be available at affordable prices. By beign the first ever Waka Kayaks dealer in North America, we brought our sport to a new level and provided paddlers with easy access to the Tutea, the Tuna and the Gangsta by WAKA KAYAKS. Trully the best boast for those seeking at competitive feeling


1699$ TUNA   L 8'6" | W 26.5" | w 48lb | V 80gal

The Tuna has a design that will make you feel like a pro, no other creek boat performs in the same way. The first time you boof or accelerate off a wave this becomes very obvious as the Tuna starts to plane. The release edges allow it to still be manoeuvrable at speed making a change of direction no problem. The Tuna's unique tail reduces back looping and stopping in holes. It has plenty of room for gear to make it a great multi day boat.  The perfect machine for the competitive paddlers



1699$ TUTEA       L 8'2" | W 25.5" | w 44lb | V 72gal                         

The Tutea has the same design as the Tuna in a smaller version. Perfectly balanced volume make it faster in and out if eddies and skims a little easier than the Tuna. At 41lb, the Tutea it's one of the lightest creek boat on the market with a great design and quality built. A perfect match for smaller paddler and women searching for the most comfortable and durable boat. The boat of choice for light paddler and women looking at a fast boat for competition 




1699$ GANGSTA      L 9' | W 25.5" | w 48lb | V 92gal                         

The Gangsta it's the newest design from Waka Kayaks inspired by their best competitive athletes. Super fast, large volume and half a foot longer than the Tuna, this boat will carry you through the most intense whitewater                                             

Paddler weight  130-225lb

Paddler weight  110-165lb

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Paddler weight  130-265lb