St-Charles Challenge

Boater-cross | Date TBD


Quebec area will host a serie of river events starting april 18th with the St-Charles Challenge. 3kms river section, class II-III+, the race would challenge every paddlers in a Mass start Boater-cross. 




Montmorency Elimination

4-cross | Date TBD


A great section for intermediate & advanced pladdlers. One of a kind race with choice of sneaky and fast creek line or big-water boulevard. 4 paddlers at each round, only one will move to the next round!  Easy access for spectators!









Jacques-Cartier Giant slalom

Boater-cross | Date TBD


A classic boater-cross  with a little tweak; challenge yourself and each other in a boater-cross race with mandatory line and features. Time penalty when you missed a feature, 1st of each categories win the race!













Big-Water madness  (Mistassibi)

Dual elimination (team of 2) | Date TBD


The grande finally !

PRO Category : A team clash agains massive waves & challenging lines! Elimination tournament with mandatory line with increased level of difficulty and exposure at every round. You can't be ready enough for this one!

AMATEUR Category :  In team of 2 paddlers, enjoy safe but challenging rapids with big waves and funny hydraulics. A accessible  introduction  to  big waves  challenges.








2018 FLOW River Tour

April to october


Along with our FLOW friends, our 2018 River Tour will completed the ROOTS of our WHITEWATER MOVEMENT


Join us in unique happenings mixing novice but passionned paddlers to the strong core of river addicts!


Every events ensure a challenge for every ones, regarding of your abilities




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